Decorate your walls with Sweet Pix Photoboards

Order stick-able photoboards from your phone that arrive ready to apply to your walls.

Starting from US $35 US $25

sweet pix photoboards
sweet pix photoboards
sweet pix photoboards

Voted BEST photo printing app by and

Sweet Pix Photoboards:

• Stickable 8x8x½” Photoboards
• Won’t Damage Walls
• Professional Quality Prints
• Printed & Made in the USA
• Fast Turnaround (usually 4 – 5 days)
• Waterproof & UV Resistant
• FREE Shipping in the US
• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Photos Belong on Walls, Not Your Phone

Let’s face it, we’re constantly clearing out our camera roll to make room for more photo space. We have a lot of memories to capture!

However, turning these digital memories into something more tangible can not only be a hassle, but between the photos, the frames, and the hardware needed to add them to your wall… it gets pricey.

sweet pix photoboards

Simple Pricing

Our prices are simple and straight forward. We have no hidden fees, and Shipping is FREE in the U.S.

2 – Photoboards for $25
4 – Photoboards for $45
6 – Photoboards for $65
9 – Photoboards for $95

Your Memories, Made to Last

Unlike canvas and photo prints, our Photoboards are Waterproof, UV Resistant and can be repositioned multiple times to change up your decor in your home, dorm room, bathroom, garage, gym, kids room or office.

Made in USA

We are very proud to say that the Sweet Pix app, our process, materials, and printers are all made HERE in the U.S.!

Water Resistant

All Sweet Pix Photoboards are water resistant which means you can put your photoboards in places other photos just can’t go.

UV Resistant

You can be assured that your photo memories will never fade or warp due to our state of the art advanced printer technology.

sweet pix photoboards

Sweet Pix are Perfect for

• Moms & Families
• DIY Decor People
• College Dorm Rooms
• Travel Lovers
• Graduations
• Birthdays
• Photo Enthusiasts
• Saving Special Moments
• Military Stationed Overseas
sweet pix photoboards
sweet pix photoboards
sweet pix photoboards

Ordering is Fast and Easy

Ordering takes just seconds. Within 24-48 hours of placing your order, we professionally print and ship your photoboards to your door.

They arrive within usually 4 -5 days ready to decorate right from the box. All orders in the US are shipped with FREE SHIPPING too! Order for yourself or send them directly to friends and family as the perfect thoughtful gift.

What Our Customers Say

"Love this app!! I love the way my photoboards turned out. What a great way to keep memories close! Thanks Sweet Pix!"
Michelle P.
Super Mom
"This is a cute app. Its so easy now to share my family photos with those extended family members, especially since they arrive ready-to-hang!"
Diane C.
Mom + Interior Designer

No Frames, No Holes, No Problems

What makes Sweet Pix truly unique is that the photoboards come ready-to-hang and don’t require any nails, hooks or tools — hanging pictures has never been easier! No more walls full of holes.

Need Help / Have Questions

If you need help using the app or have any questions you can reach us here