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3 Reasons Why Sweet Pix are the Perfect Holiday Gift

  We all love that holiday feeling! Christmas lights on the trees, the brisk breeze outside, and if you’re anything like me… I get so excited to pull my uggs out of the back corner of my closet! But, as much as I love the holidays… I dread...
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5 Creative Ways to Use Your Sweet Pix Photoboards

  Today we’re here to help you get inspired! We’ve had so many Sweet Pix customers impress us with their amazing creativity that we thought we’d pull together a few of our favorites to help you come up with some decorative ideas of your own!...
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Print your iPhone photos with Sweet Pix!

Using your iPhone to photograph your daily life is a pretty wonderful thing. The technology has more or less reinvented how we “see” our family, friends, and daily adventures. Whether you’re taking a quick shot of your child’s first steps, documenting...
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