Print your iPhone photos with Sweet Pix!

Using your iPhone to photograph your daily life is a pretty wonderful thing. The technology has more or less reinvented how we “see” our family, friends, and daily adventures. Whether you’re taking a quick shot of your child’s first steps, documenting a family birthday party, or savoring every selfie – moment on an island vacation, the high quality and convenience of shooting photos with your phone is fantastic. There’s an old cliche that says the camera you use is the one you have with you – and that camera, for many people is their smart phone, a worthy successor indeed to point-and-click cameras of the past with far less resolution, or gasp – remember them? – the disposable vacation camera.



Don’t lose your photos to your camera roll

But once those smart phone pictures are taken, what do you do with them? Download them to your computer, where you’ll look at them every once in awhile. Plan to edit, print, frame, and hang the best shots. Plan being the operative word. Can you hear the collective sigh? How to get that great shot off your phone and onto your wall has become a thing – almost as big a thing as the pleasure of taking the photos in the first place.


frustrated mom on her computer


Easily print your iPhone photos with Sweet Pix

Well we at Sweet Pix have the perfect solution for that, with the Sweet Pix App, an easy way to literally just pick your favorites and then quickly receive ready-to-stick photo boards that are sun and moisture proof, delivered to your door, ready to decorate with right on your wall – no need for a frame or hammer and nails.

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easily print iphone photos using Sweet Pix Photoboards App


Easily crop and edit your iPhone photos

Of course, if you’re like most of us, the minute you decide wow, that’s easy, awesome, inexpensive, and I’ll order copies for all my friends – then you look at your photos and you sigh again.

That one has an ugly electrical cord at the side of the frame, marring baby’s first steps. That one has the hint of a pink blur – yes, a thumb – at the bottom corner of a spectacular sunset. And there’s a guy who decided it would be fun to make a Vulcan salute on the right side of that selfie on the beach. Right now you probably don’t want that particular guy to live long and prosper.

But here’s the thing that you may not know until you try Sweet Pix. It’s easy to fix all that.


Free shipping on all orders, they easily stick to your walls


Cropping and perfecting photos has, in fact, never been easier. Super simple zooming in, realigning, and editing is a part of the app’s appeal. It literally took just moments to get rid of that thumb edge by slightly cropping the bottom of the photo’s frame; re-center and zoom slightly to lose the electric cord creeping in behind that precious baby step; and lose Mr.-Not-Spock behind the otherwise never-looked-better selfie by simply cropping the left side of the shot.

So, when your photoboards arrive – all safely wrapped in tissue and beautifully boxed – the photos you can easily hang on your wall look picture-perfect. Just the way they should be.

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