Order Re-Stickable Photoboard Squares from Your iPhone

Print the photos you love onto 8″ x 8″ x ½” photoboard squares that won’t damage walls.

Made In USA

Made in the U.S.A.
We are very proud to say that the Sweet Pix app, our process, materials, and printers are all made HERE in the U.S.!

Water Resistant

Water Resistant
All Sweet Pix Photoboards are water resistant which means you can put your photoboards in places other photos just can’t.
UV Resistant

UV-Resistant Printing
You can be assured that your photo memories will never fade or warp do to our state of the art advanced printer technology.


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“The experience was seamless and the picture quality is great. I can’t wait to print another set of photoboards!”

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“My photoboards came out gorgeous and they were so easy to stick to my walls. Definitely will be ordering again!”

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“It’s as simple as specifying quantity, picking photos and paying for the photoboards.”

Photoboard gallery of personal photos

Print & Decorate with Your Favorite Photo Memories

Let’s face it, we’re constantly clearing out our camera roll to make room for more photo space. We have a lot of memories to capture! However; turning these digital memories into something more tangible can not only be a hassle, but between the photos, the frames and the hardware needed to add them to your wall… it gets pricey. That’s why we developed Sweet Pix Photoboards! Our app makes it easier than ever for you to fill your space with your favorite memories and add your own creative twist!

Sweet Pix Photoboards are 8″ x 8″ x ½” high quality photoboard prints that are delivered ready to stick to your walls without needing nails, hooks or tools. This means you can get creative and stick your photo memories anywhere you like without damaging your walls. And since they are waterproof and UV resistant they will never fade or warp, ensuring your memories last forever.

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Photoboard gallery of personal photos


  • "Love this app!! I love the way my photoboards turned out. What a great way to keep memories close! Thanks Sweet Pix!" - Michelle P.

  • "This is a cute app. Its so easy now to share my family photos with those extended family members, especially since they arrive ready-to-hang!" - Diane C.

  • "My photos look great! That’s a good price for that many photoboards, too. I definitely will be ordering again!" - Crystal M.

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