4 Creative Ways to Decorate with Sweet Pix Photoboards

In our modern smartphone society, it’s easier than ever to take more pictures than ever. We are constantly snapping shots, from selfies to scenery. However, it seems like people are using their pictures less and less, aside from simply posting them on social media sites. At Sweet Pix, we think your sweet photos should be taken off of your phone and placed into your everyday life beyond Facebook. The old-fashioned days of framed photos hanging on a wall may be over, but the days of your mobile photos being brought to life as hangable personalized art are just beginning.

With the Sweet Pix Photoboards app, you can quickly and easily turn your iPhone pictures into printed 8” x 8” ready-to-hang photoboards. Then comes the really fun part – decorating with them. Below are some creative ways that you can decorate with your photoboards. Use them as inspiration for your own ideas. The possibilities here are endless.


Crop your photos

Using the Sweet Pix Photoboard app.


1. Personalized art and home decor

We’ve all seen bathrooms decorated in a beach theme with those generic seashell pictures and random ocean scenes. Imagine your beach-themed bathroom decorated with that picture you took this summer of the ocean at sunset at your favorite beach, or a picture from your fishing trip earlier that day. Work your own personal photos into themes around your home.

A Sweet Pix user showed us how she used a picture of her well-loved old red truck to decorate the wall in her red-based bedroom. Not only is this a smart way to coordinate your decorating themes and color schemes, but it’s an easy way to decorate with your own unique and special memories.


creative ways to decorate with photo - truck

Personal photos can be turned into wall art with Sweet Pix Photo boards.


We all have those few special pictures that we always pull our phones out to show to all of our guests. Instead of this, save your phone battery and put those favorite images and memories up in your living room or main hallway so that those favorites are always visible, both to you and your guests.


creative ways to decorate with photo - home decor

You favorite iPhone photos arrive ready to hang via Sweet Pix Photo boards.


2. Offices

Photoboards are perfect for decorating a cubicle or office wall with because of the convenient ready-to-hang adhesive backing. Reduce desktop clutter by switching those framed photos out for a photoboard. Add a little personalization and inspiration to your workspace with a motivational-themed photoboard to help keep you going on those long, crazy Mondays.

Show off your cute pet or silly kid pictures to your co-workers, and help brighten up your office.


creative ways to decorate with photo - pet memories

Family pet photos displayed using Sweet Pix Photo boards.


3. Your home away from home

Decorate your dorm room with photoboards to showcase your old and new memories and help make your new home really feel like home. Fill one wall with photoboards of old friends and high school memories, and save another wall for filling with new friends and college memories.

If you have loved ones away in the military, help them feel like they’re still at home by sending them photoboards to decorate the walls with. Sending photoboards regularly to a military parent who’s away from home will help the parent feel like he or she is still at home and not out of touch with family and friends, and most importantly, a son or daughter.


creative ways to decorate with photo - dorm room

Student dorm room decorated with Sweet Pix Photoboards.


4. Perfect Party Decor

Pictures are a celebration of time and memories. At your next party, decorate with photoboards to really set the mood of the event. Here are a few examples of celebrations where decorating with photoboards will really pull the room – and your friends and family – together.

For a New Year’s Eve celebration, choose your top 12 memories from the year – one for each month – and hang them around the party space to encourage everyone to reflect upon the ending year and get excited for the upcoming year. At your wedding, show off your favorite moments with your partner by putting photoboards of the two of you around the reception room. Show people your earliest favorite memories with your partner, and let people see how your love has grown, one picture at a time.


creative ways to decorate with photo - wedding memories

Candid wedding snap shot printed with Sweet Pix Photo boards.


Celebrate another year older with photoboards at a birthday party. Decorate with funny baby pictures and milestone pictures to show off how far your loved one has come in life. For an older person’s birthday party, such as a grandfather, you may only have old school film photographs from earlier in his life.


creative ways to decorate with photo - living room

A customer wall decorated with Sweet Pix Photo boards of their family.


Take advantage of technology here and use your iPhone to take a picture of the photograph and then turn it into a photoboard to give second life to the old photo and make it ready to display.


creative ways to decorate with photo - babies

Sweet Pix Photo boards makes it easy to decorate your home with your favorite baby pictures.


With the Sweet Pix iPhone app, printing photos from your iPhone has never been easier. Turn your memories into larger than life works of art that you can proudly display to the world.

Share your photoboard decorating ideas below!

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