The Best Camera Apps for Your iPhone Photography

You can find a large number of camera apps on the Internet that will be handy if you like shooting photos and video with your phone. You can also combine photography and social networking or do some photo editing with your Smartphone camera. The trend that the cameras you were used to using are on the way out and being replaced by Smartphone cameras. Today’s Smartphones are convenient, can be easily carried in a pocket or purse and don’t need a lot of fiddling with before you can take a shot. The iPhone made a big change by helping to kick off the Smartphone boom in 2007. Four years later, the iPhone released the iPhone 4S, one of the best iPhones on the market at the time, 2011. With their latest release of the iPhone 6 and 6s the ability to take an 8 megapixel photo with your phone is pretty remarkable and is making photographers out of everyone. Below are some of the camera and photo related apps we like to use and thought it would be helpful to list them.

The Best Camera Apps


camera genius iphone apps

Simple photo editing with the Camera Genius app.

While all the new apps are coming and going on a daily business, a very quiet business, CameraGenius, has been in business for 5 years. Their $3 camera app has been appropriately updated, including version 4.3 in 2012. CameraGenius adds additional shooting options that are useful to most users, like a full-screen shutter button, time stamping, sharing with Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter and Picasa and some interesting editing options like a simple cropping tool and color filters to use on your photographs.


Photo Stream

photostream iphone apps camera icloud

Apples photo stream app can help you organize your photos.

Apple, not one to be slow with new processes, released a service called iCloud alongside their iPhone 4S and later models that used one of iCloud’s features, Photo Stream. PhotoStream synchronizes photos on the iPhone to cloud storage and to a Mac or PC. This means that your photos are safely stored in the cloud so if you lose your device or it gets damaged or stolen, your photos are not lost. To learn more about Photostream or if you would like to see if or how to enable it you can do so here.



mattebox iphone camera apps

Screen shots of the app Mattebox for iPhone.

Mattebox, for $4, is a photo app that is built for photographers who are used to shooting photos with DSLRs. The user interface is a model of a famous camera made in the 1990s, the Konika Hexar. Mattebox displays information professional photographers expect to see at a glance, like ISO, white balance, shutter speed and focal distance. The iPhone hardware can use white balance and it will be manually controlled due to the iPhone hardware.

Camerabag 2

camerabag2 iphone camera apps

Camerabag is an iPhone app that allows you to modify your iPhone photography.

An interesting app that’s been around for years is a $2 filter app called Camerabag 2. Using Camerabag 2 you can apply a stash of stylized filters to an image. Those filters will let you transform a digital photo into, for example, an ‘80s Polaroid replica. Even though Camerabag has been around for years, it still has its hardcore supporters due to a simple interface and a wide range of filters.


snapseed camera apps iphone

Snapseed photo app can be used to enhance your iPhone photography.

The Snapseed app is a personal favorite of many people who might not be as photography-savvy. Yes, there are many pro settings and adjustments available, it is known for its friendly user-experience. It was voted the best mobile app in 2012, and it’s free.

Apps come and go constantly. While a large supply of new camera apps will attract you, some of the older apps haven’t lost their usefulness. Take your time. Learn to use your camera and select apps that you can easily use. Get to know your apps thoroughly, update them regularly, and be on the lookout for new ones coming out.