5 Creative Ways to Use Your Sweet Pix Photoboards


Today we’re here to help you get inspired!

We’ve had so many Sweet Pix customers impress us with their amazing creativity that we thought we’d pull together a few of our favorites to help you come up with some decorative ideas of your own!


1. Compliment Your Colors

Some of the very BEST Sweet Pix photoboards we’ve seen are the ones that seems to fit right in with the surrounding color scheme and decor. Using photos that compliment each room makes it a fun and easy way to add some personality and family photos to your walls while also making sure all of your decor stays clean and cohesive!

We love the way this Sweet Pix customer brought her walls to life with these beautiful family photos filled with greenery to compliment the earthy tones of her decor.

This Sweet Pix customer strategically chose pink tinted photos to add a girly touch to her daughter’s bedroom. The colorful elements like the lollipop, balloons and balls tie in perfectly with this bright pink wall!


2. Switch Them Up With The Holidays

Did you know Sweet Pix won’t damage your walls? Yep, that’s right! Just stick and unstick! This makes Sweet Pix perfect for a quick change of wall decor. As the weather and trees outside change with the seasons…. Your walls can too!

These close ups of leaves and orange flowers add the perfect touch of Fall to these sad white walls!

We absolutely love what this Sweet Pix customer did with their collection of photos from the Pumpkin Patch!

Christmas themed photos featuring PJ’s Santa hats, ornaments and hot cocoa really bring this wall to life with a little extra dab of Christmas Spirit! Sweet Pix make the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

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3. Display Your Artistic Side

Just because they’re called Sweet Pix Photoboards doesn’t mean you HAVE to fill them with photos…. You can fill them with art! Sweet Pix can be the perfect way to display your favorite graphics or even your little one’s art projects!

These geometric photoboards take Sweet Pix to a whole new level of creativity! The bright colors and bold shapes add a very modern vibe to this room.

These painted portraits add a true artistic feel to this wall. We are obsessed with these photoboards and the way they display this Sweet Pix customer’s individuality.

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4. Show Off Your Furry Friends

Who doesn’t love to show off the furry members of their family?! Sweet Pix is a great way to display your dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, mini pigs… whatever animals you adore, all throughout your home!

These Sweet Pix customers are serious dog lovers! We love all the photos we get to see of the special animals in our customers lives.


5. Share Your Hobbies

Lastly, one of our FAVORITE ways to see Sweet Pix displayed…. is through the things you love to do! Fill your hallways with photos of your travels or great shots you’ve taken on your favorite hikes! Sweet Pix gives you the opportunity to really express yourself and share a piece of who you are throughout the blank spaces of your home.

Can you guess this Sweet Pix customers favorite sport? These golf photos add a true touch of personality to this golf fanatics bland office walls

This Sweet Pix customer is an avid photographer and surfer from California. How beautiful are these photos of waves that he’s taken?


Are You Feeling Inspired?

Now it’s your turn to get started and get creative! Head to the app store now and download the Sweet Pix App to start filling your walls with personality and life!